Rainelle Man Charged With Battery, Entering, And Destruction Of Property

By Ruth Caruthers

A Rainelle man faces three misdemeanor and two felony charges for entering a home, injuring two residents, and destroying property.

Monday, March 26, Chief J.P. Stevens of the Rainelle Police Department responded to a disturbance call on Kanawha Avenue.
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Lewisburg Named Best Small Town In West Virginia By Southern Living

By Ruth Caruthers

Lewisburg, The Greenbrier, and Prime 44 West all graced some of "The South's Best" lists garnered by popular magazine Southern Living.

Surveys distributed nationally and completed by over 32,000 people revealed the best restaurants, hotels, breweries, grocery stores, small towns, resorts, desserts, and more out of the South.

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City Positions And Elected Offices Reviewed In Lewisburg Charter Revision Working Session

By Robert Bordelon

Carefully considered revisions to the city of Lewisburg's charter were the subject of a working session of the Lewisburg City Council on Monday, March 26.

A charter is a formal, foundational document on which a government or organization is built. Lewisburg City Council and Mayor John Manchester looked to create a system with the best chance of sustainability in drafting revisions to the charter, attempting to more appropriately distribute the powers of each office and position within the city government and to better clarify lines of separation between each office, positions, and employee.

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Strikers Slated To Return To Work After Deal Between CWA And Frontier Is Struck

By Robert Bordelon

Communications Workers of America (CWA) across West Virginia could be returning to work for Frontier on Wednesday, March 28, according to a press release from CWA.

A preliminary contract agreement between CWA and Frontier Communications that protects jobs in West Virginia and Ashburn, Virginia, was struck on Sunday, March 25, three weeks after the strike began.

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Lewisburg Volunteer Fire Department Releases Annual Report

By Robert Bordelon

Declaring zero civilian fire injuries, zero civilian fire deaths, zero firefighter injuries, and zero firefighter deaths for 2017, the Lewisburg Volunteer Fire Department has released its 2017 annual report.

"The citizens of Lewisburg are fortunate to have a city government that continues to support the fire service," said Fire Chief Joseph Thomas in the report. "Our members continue to take pride in the quality of fire and emergency service protection the department delivers to the citizens of Lewisburg and the First Due Area."

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Judge Rejects Mountain Valley Pipeline Injunction Request, Tree Sitters Remain

By Robert Bordelon

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) protesters are free to remain in an apparently unlocatable tree on Peters Mountain after a judge threw out MVP's injunction request on Tuesday, March 20. The courtroom filled with locals, many wishing the entire pipeline project was on trial rather than the protesters, eager to hear what would become of the tree sitters.

MVP filed a complaint against the defendants, noted as Appalachians Against Pipelines (AAP), asking for the court to "restrain [AAP] from interfering with and blocking MVP from rightfully utilizing its right of way to construct the MVP Pipeline Project across locations in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest in Monroe County." The complaint goes on to note that AAP is "intentionally interfering with MVP's construction activities by physically obstructing MVP employees and contractors from fulfilling MVP's obligation to remove trees."

Read more in the Wednesday, March 21, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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