Monroebotics Students Excel During International Robotics Tournament

By Robert Bordelon

Pablo, the autonomous LEGO robot, sat in the corner of a standardized table, waiting for a command from a member of the Boa Constructors to give it marching orders. The Boa Constructors built the autonomous LEGO robot, using one team member's cousin's nickname, to compete in the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) LEGO League (FLL) world championships competition.

Members of both the Boa Constructors and M-Cubed represented Monroe County on the world stage in Detroit, Michigan, in late April, bringing their technological expertise and West Virginia values to an international competition. The Boa Constructors received a perfect score for core values and placed first among the 24,000 FLL teams for Gracious Professionalism.

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Alderson Prison Captain Charged After Alleged Sexual Encounters With Inmates

By Robert Bordelon

After a federal investigation, a former Alderson prison captain has been charged for several sexual encounters with several inmates, occurring on multiple occasions from 2016 to late 2017.

Jerrod Grimes, a former Federal Bureau of Prisons captain for the Alderson Federal Prison Camp, was the subject of investigation by a Federal Bureau of Prisons agent. Inmate #1, as the criminal complaint calls one of many accusers found, told the agent Grimes engaged in sexual activity with her while "she was under the custodial, supervisory, and disciplinary authority" of Grimes.

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Humane Society Contract Signed By The Greenbrier County Commission

By Robert Bordelon

A 2:1 vote saw the Greenbrier County Commission approve a contract with the Humane Society for the 2018/2019 fiscal year in the Thursday, May 10, regular meeting, which was rescheduled due to the Tuesday, May 8, election.

Joined in the audience by recently elected Tammy Shifflett-Tincher, who will take current Commission President Woody Hanna's seat in January 2019. Hanna congratulated the newly elected commissioner and said it was his responsibility to ensure a smooth transition.

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WV Secretary Of State Preliminary Totals Updated

By Robert Bordelon

George "Boogie" Ambler has secured the Republican nomination for the District 10 state senate seat, according to updated numbers from the West Virginia Secretary of State's office.

Previous reporting by the secretary of state's office listed Dan Hill as the winning of the May 8 primary race, with a lead of 5,696 votes to Ambler's 4,138.

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Planned Lockdown Drill Conducted By WV State Police In Greenbrier East High School

By Robert Bordelon

In the afternoon, students at Greenbrier East High School found West Virginia State Police officers at the school, conducting a lockdown drill on Wednesday, May 9.

Rumors of a drug bust, egged on by the reported presence of a K-9 unit, were dismissed both by school officials and local police.

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Preliminary Vote Totals Released By Greenbrier, Monroe Counties, SOS

By Robert Bordelon

Greenbrier, Monroe, and counties across the state have begun to release unofficial vote totals after the May 8 primary election.

According to the West Virginia Secretary of State's office, 315,857 turned out for the election, 25.90 percent of registered voters.

Following are the preliminary, unofficial results of the elections, released before press time on Wednesday, May 9, by the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office, Monroe County, and Greenbrier County, respectively. Winning candidates are followed by their vote percentage.

Read more in the Wednesday, May 9, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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