County And State Police Called To Greenbrier East

By Robert Bordelon

The Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department and West Virginia State Police reported to Greenbrier East High School on Thursday, October 12, in response to a student's comment.

Public relations officers at the high school were tipped off to a comment a student made "that was alarming," said Chief Deputy Joshua Martin with the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office in a press release. The comment was made the day before and was investigated by law enforcement sufficiently to determine that "there was no substance to support the comments made."

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Exciting Updates Announced At BOE Meeting

By Ruth Caruthers

Tuesday, October 10, was a regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting, and many were in attendence.

First on the agenda was introduction of the 2017-2018 Student Voices to the board, which includes six students, three from Greenbrier East and three from Greenbrier West. Greenbrier East High School students included Justin Deeds, Taylor Keeling, and Michael Kluska. Greenbrier West Students included Coraline Coughlin, Colby Bevins and Phelicity Robinson.

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Emergency Response Grants Approved

By Robert Bordelon 

The Greenbrier County Commission held its bimonthly meeting Tuesday, October 10. Multiple grant approvals from the Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (GCHSEM) were reviewed and allowed by the Commission, none of which will be paid for by the county, but must be applied for through a local government.
The two grant applications would be funded through the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, a state level organization whose mission is to ensure the protection of life and property by providing coordination, guidance, support, and assistance to local emergency managers and first responders. In addition, these grants do not require fund matching by the County Commission.

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Residents Begin Fight For Broadband

By Robert Bordelon 

Meeting inside Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, on Wednesday night, October 11, and joined by representatives from the state government and internet providers, residents of Pinnacle, Echols Acres, and Rolling subdivisions near Lewisburg tried to find solutions to the lack of high speed internet in their area.

The meeting was led by David Yost, who began his personal push for better internet access by asking both Suddenlink and Frontier to expand into the area.

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Committee Picks Miller's Potential Replacement

By Robert Bordelon 

The 10th District Democratic Executive Committee has narrowed the list of potential replacements for Ronald Miller in the state Senate down to three candidates. Stephen Baldwin, Margaret Staggers, and Matthew Detch were chosen from a list of six applicants. The three candidate's names will be sent to Governor Jim Justice, who will select one to serve out the remainder of Miller's term in office.

Detch will be an officer in the National Guard after his graduation from officer academy on October 31 and spent five years guarding both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama in the Secret Service. He has a master's degree in international criminology, and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri.

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Suicide Prevention Fitness Event Raises Over $1,000

By Brandon Baker

On September 30, Meadow River Fitness in Rainelle hosted the first ever Suicide Prevention Push/Pull Charity Meet and raised over $1,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Tanner Hutsenpiller is the gym owner, and Haley Rudd was the event coordinator.

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