Aquatic Center Is Making Headway

By Leah Tuckwiller

The minds behind the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center held their second public meeting at Greenbrier Valley Theatre last night, January 7. The center's first public meeting was held in May 2018, and while the students who did the initial work on the project have gone on to college, the aquatic center has come beyond the planning phase under Tag Galyean and Tom Greenstreet, John Wilson, and Jan Hall.

In May, the initial development cost for the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center was estimated to be $5.7 million, which, as per the first meeting, included building cost, pools and pool equipment costs, site prep, estimated utilities, and a contingency fee. Since then, predevelopment expense, a training and start up budget, and a fund to cover three months of operating expenses has been added to that cost, brings the total up to around $6 million.

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Greenbrier East Teacher Arrested

By Bobby Bordelon

Greenbrier East High School saw the arrest of a teacher on drug distribution charges on Monday, January 7.

"The investigation revealed that Susan Surber, age 53, of White Sulphur Springs, was involved in the illegal distribution of controlled substances," reads a press release issued by Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan. "Information was obtained affirming that Ms. Surber had exchanged her legally obtained prescription medication for marijuana and that she had solicited the assistance of a student to obtain marijuana. There is no indication at this time that any transactions occurred on school property."

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Vaught Sworn In As Only Female Deputy Sheriff In Greenbrier County

By Leah Tuckwiller

Make a little room gentlemen - the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department swore in a new deputy last week. While Desiree Vaught isn't the first woman in the department's history to be sworn into this role, she is currently the only woman to have done so.

"The people that doubt me drive me," said Vaught of the perception of a female deputy sheriff. But her presence in the department has been a good thing, she said; "it kind of gives more females the drive to do this."

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Murder Cases Progress With Negotiations And Hearings In Greenbrier County Circuit Court

By Bobby Bordelon

The Greenbrier County Circuit Court made progress in three separate murder cases on Friday, January 4.

Jay Boothe died in a neighbor's home on June 5, 2018, as the result of a wound to his chest. In the October 2018 indictments, Carl Wayne Rich was charged with one count of murder in relation to Boothe's death; according to the initial criminal complaint, the victim was shot with a compound bow following an alleged argument over a cell phone.

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Braswell Arrested After Not Appearing In Hearing

By Bobby Bordelon

An outstanding arrest warrant was served, resulting in a Greenbrier County man's arrest in the final week of 2018.

James Braswell faces several felony charges in Greenbrier County Circuit Court, including grand larceny, malicious assault, burglary, and breaking and entering. After he missed a hearing for several of the charges on October 29, 2018, a warrant was issued by the circuit court, leading to the arrest.

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Take A Moment To Reflect On 2018 - A Year Of News In Review

By Theresa Flerx, Bobby Bordelon, and Leah Tuckwiller

Interspersed with court proceedings, community events, political happenings, police activity, and local governmental business, the theme for 2018 appears to be "fight the power."

In the past year, local residents fought against a proposed biomass plant; teachers went on strike on behalf of all public employees; Communication Workers of America walked out; protesters blocked construction of sections of MVP; Greenbrier County governments filed suit against drug distributors; homeowners won a preliminary settlement against a trucking company; chicken enthusiasts objected to a city ordinance; and eight prisoners attempted to escape incarceration.

Despite strife, effort was made on many levels to improve Greenbrier and Monroe counties - proposed aquatic and community centers; new visitors centers; construction began on a Sportsplex; newly-elected community and state representatives and officials; interagency cooperation was urged; and schools came together to ensure student safety.

Covering these events were Bobby Bordelon, Leah Tuckwiller, Ruth Caruthers, Robin Zimmerman and Theresa Flerx. Look forward to continuing coverage in 2019.

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