Over 50 Firefighters Respond To Fairlea Fire

By Robert Bordelon

Flames spreading across an apartment building called dozens of firefighters to Fairlea late Thursday night, May 24.

As of press time, there are no reported injuries to any of the estimated 50 or more occupants of the 24 apartments. The residents were evacuated from the complex and brought to a shelter set up by the Red Cross and Rhema Christian Center.

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Accidents May Delay Run For Wall

By Ruth Caruthers

Two accidents occurred Wednesday afternoon on Interstate 81 around the Fall Branch area of Tennessee. The accidents involved two veterans who were scheduled to arrive in Rainelle today as part of their pilgrimage to the wall in Washington D.C.

According to Tennessee Highway Patrol, one crash involved a tractor-trailer and a motorcycle, while the other involved multiple motorcycles.

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Local Organizations Benefit Greatly

By Ruth Caruthers

L&S Toyota was bustling with conversation Wednesday afternoon as representatives from dozens of organizations across Southern West Virginia and Greenbrier County arrived for a donation dispersal ceremony.

L&S Toyota hosts a donation drive each year through Facebook asking for nominations from the community for their favorite nonprofit. Once the nominating period is over, owner Shawn Ball and his staff painstakingly go through the thousands of comments and hundred of nominations to pick who will receive the money.

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Lewisburg City Charter Revisions Progress During Working Session

By Robert Bordelon

City officials in Lewisburg gathered once again to comb through the foundational document establishing the city, aiming to amend its charter in order to create a system with the best chance of sustainability, attempting to more appropriately distribute the powers of each office and position within the city government and to better clarify lines of separation between each office, position, and employee.

"We're not creating a new charter, we're amending the charter," explained Tim Stranco, the attorney assisting the city in the amendments. "... Lewisburg is proud of its historic charter. You have one unlike any other in the state from the Virginia House of Burgesses. We're not doing away with that charter, we're amending it. ... We looked at cities we know are succeeding in certain areas and looked at how their charters worked and pulled those together."

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Monroe County Releases Indictments

By Theresa Flerx

Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney, Justin R. St Clair, reports that 21 indictments were returned by the Monroe County Grand Jury for the May 2018 term of the Monroe County Circuit Court alleging that 19 individuals committed 45 felony offenses and six misdemeanor offenses.

The following is the last known city of residence, year of birth, and offense(s) for which each person was indicted.

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Potential Aquatic Center Subject Of Public Presentation

By Leah Tuckwiller

A group of dedicated students at Greenbrier East High School have teamed up with Tag Galyean of TAG Studios in Lewisburg to bring a high-quality aquatic center to the Greenbrier Valley. The students and Galyean held a community meeting on Monday evening, May 21, to present their plans to the community and hear attendees' questions.

The meeting was held at Greenbrier Valley Theatre and hosted by the Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce, and was presented largely by the students themselves. After opening comments by Galyean, in which he noted the dedication of the Greenbrier East pre-engineering instructor Kevin Warfield and the projects roots with a group of students in 2015, the presentation was passed to sophomore Joseph Londeree, senior Amber Harper, and junior Kara Vaughan.

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