Lewisburg City Council Passes New Resolutions

By Robert Bordelon

Lewisburg City Council signed two resolutions, gave annual reports, and welcomed two new members to the city government in their regular Tuesday, February 20, meeting.

Arron Seams joined City Council as a councilmember for the first time in this meeting with a warm welcome from Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester.

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Greenbrier County Jury Returns Verdict In Houston Case

By Robert Bordelon

A Greenbrier County jury's unanimous verdict in the case of Brian Houston was rendered on Tuesday, February 20, for the felony charges of sexual assualt in the second degree and strangulation as not guilty.

After seven hours of deliberation, the jury, made up of seven women and five men, returned late in the afternoon with a not guilty verdict.

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Governor Writes Letter To Public Employees

By Governor Jim Justice

A little over one year ago I was sworn in as your Governor. At that time, our State was bankrupt for all practical purposes. A $500 million deficit, growing to nearly $772 million in the following years, and nowhere to turn was exactly where we were. You had to have little hope. All of us had to fell this way. The biggest gift I delivered to all  of you across our State was a solution, a plan, a dream, and it worked. Today, we are on our way. I hope!

I promised you to always do one thing - tell the truth. Now let's reflect: I have always stood rock solid for education. I think education should be our cetnerpiece. In the darkest time, the Senate supported my two percent pay riase and at crunch tim eht eHouse Democrats were not supportive. I went to the mat for this but it failed. Now we have an election year and many, many of those that opposed are now running through the streets yelling for more to get your votes. PLEASE.

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Pay Raise, PEIA Bills Prompt Support For Teachers

By Leah Tuckwiller

On Tuesday evening, February 21, the House of Delegates voted to adopt a multi-year pay raise bill for state employees, including teachers, school service personnel, and state police, and sent it to Governor Jim Justice for his signature. The amended version of Senate Bill 267 will provide more than $199 million to these state employees over the next three years, with an average two percent pay raise this year, effective July 1, a one percent pay raise the following year for state police and service personnel, and a one percent pay raise over the next two years for teachers.

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Roundtable Discusses Connecting Education With Local Employers

By Ruth Caruthers

In a Business and Industry Roundtable meeting Tuesday, February 13, business owners, school representatives, and more came together at Greenbrier Valley Airport to discuss education and business in the county.

The room was first welcomed by Michael Goddard, industrial extension engineer from West Virginia University, who explained the goal of the meeting is to match local employer's workforce needs with educational and workforce partners.

Read more in the Tuesday, February 20. edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

Board Of Education Agrees To Close Area Schools If No Compromise Is Found

By Ruth Caruthers

During an emergency meeting Monday, February 19, the Greenbrier County Board of Education voted to close all scools on Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23, in the event of a work stoppage.

The is in response to the statewide devision for a teacher walkout on those days. 

Read more in the Tuesday, February 20, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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