Church Robbed Of Lawn Equipment

By Ruth Caruthers

The West Virginia State Police seeks help in locating stolen items and identifying individual(s) involved in the theft of numerous pieces of lawn maintenance equipment from a Whatcoat United Methodist Church cemetary outbuilding.

On Friday, December 29, 2017, or the early hours of Saturday, December 30, an unknown individual(s) broke into an outbuilding located at the Whatcoat cemetery located on Route 92 in the White Sulphur Springs area.

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Winter Most Common Time For House Fires

By Ruth Caruthers

Winter months are the most common time for house fires. A quick search of local news websites will show just how many house fires have occurred in the last few weeks.

Here are some tips on how to help make your home more safe and how to be better prepared in the event of a fire.

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Taking A Glance Back At 2017 - A Year Of News In Review

By Theresa Flerx

Nearly a year and a half has passed since devastating flood waters swept across much of the Greenbrier Valley, but recovery and rebuilding continued through 2017 as the region returned to a relatively normal state.

Life moved forward as residents of White Sulphur Springs, Harts Run, Caldwell, Rainelle, Rupert and other Greenbrier Countians remembered those lost to the flood with monuments  and celebrations, as they simultaneously rebuilt their future.

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Rider and Krafft Pled Not Guilty To Charges Following Arrests

By Robert Bordelon

Christopher Rider, 27, and Charles Krafft, 21, plead not guilty to charges after their arrest in relation to the alleged kidnapping of Nicole Hall on Wednesday, December 27.

According to the criminal compliant, Sergeant G.R. Workman of the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department was contacted on Wednesday, December 18, by Preston Modlin, principal of Eastern Greenbrier Middle School, concerning Hall, who had been missing from school since Monday, December 18. Several middle school students had received messages stating that Hall was with Rider and had shared the information with Modlin.

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Lewisburg City Council Honors Guills, Hears Tower Update

By Robert Bordelon

In a ceremony that Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester said "could only happen every 43 years," former Lewisburg City Attorney Jesse Guills was honored at the Tuesday, December 19, City Council meeting.

Manchester and City Council presented Guills with his nameplate and an award for his service to the city. Starting in 1974, Guills guided the city government and its many mayors and city councils through the decades until his retirement.

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Ronceverte Elementary School Students Delight In Mitsy's Wings Fundraiser

By Ruth Caruthers

The room filled with delighted screams and laughter as Ronceverte Elementary teacher Sara Bennet had her hair cut by second grade student, Maize Wilson Thursday, December 21.

Bennet's second grade class had a fundraiser for local nonprofit, Mitsy's Wings, and Bennet offered incentives for certain amounts raised.

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