SNAP Gross Income Limit Has Been Raised To 200 Percent Poverty Level

By Ruth Caruthers

According to the Department of Health and Human Resources, the income limit to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has been raised.

As of June 16, the gross income limit to receive SNAP (food stamps)has been raised from 130 percent of the federal poverty level to 200 percent.

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Democratic Leaders Call For Governor To Resign

By Leah Tuckwiller

House and Senate Democratic caucus leaders have demanded that Governor Jim Justice rise to his responsibilities - or resign. According to House Minority Leader Tim Miley (D-Harrison), "The governor's office has been plagued by dysfunction" under Justice. He has "failed to pay his taxes, refused to place his assests into a blind trust and has made several controversial hiring and firing decisions, including the hiring of an EQT board member and media mogul as a part-time minimum wage employee," Miley continued.

On Thursday, June 14, the governor's office announced that Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher has resigned at Justice's request, due to funding delays and irregularities within RISE WV. "Governor Justice's administration has poorly handled flood recovery efforts, placed a gag order on all state agencies and strictly limited the amount of information shared with the public and the media," said Senator Roman Prezioso (D-Marion). 

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Hepatitis A Reported In Greenbrier County

By Theresa Flerx

Since March 2018, the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health has reported an increase in the number of confirmed cases of acute hepatitis A virus. Several of those cases occurred in Greenbrier Valley.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of sweeling of the liver, an organ in the human body that aids in fighting germs, cleaing blood, and digesting food.

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'Crick In The Holler' Based In Greenbrier Valley, Premieres At The Lewis Theatre

By Robert Bordelon

A packed Lewis Theatre on Saturday, June 9, hosted the West Virginia premiere of "Crick In The Holler," an 18-minute jump into a West Virginia story filmed in West Virginia and the Greenbrier Valley.

The story is set near Charleston immediately following the 2014 Freedom Industries chemical spill which allowed a crude chemical known as 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) to enter the Elk River, upstream from a major West Virginia American Water intake, treatment, and distribution center.

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Board Of Education Meeting Featured Greenbrier State Parks, Wrestling Team Records, Summer Programs, More

By Ruth Caruthers

The monthly, regularly scheduled Greenbrier County Board of Education meeting took place Tuesday, June 12.

The agenda began with a presentation of the Greenbrier State Forest #iluvwvparks Program. Deborah White, director of secondary education, explained that the program pairs parks with the career and tech education programs in the schools and provides on-site, real world experience for the students.

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Former Lewisburg Mayor Criticizes Charter Updates

By Robert Bordelon

A special session of Lewisburg City Council to continue ongoing work on the city charter saw the amended charter nearly completed and the disapproval of a former Lewisburg mayor on Tuesday, June 12.

The latest draft of the charter was synthesized after a working session of City Council on May 21, in which Tim Stranco, the attorney assisting the city in the amendments, sat down and combed through an earlier draft.

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