Charles Dooley

Charles William Dooley, 66, of White Sulphur Springs, WV, passed away Monday, June 25, 2018, at White Sulphur Springs Center.

Born November 9, 1951, at White Sulphur Springs, he was a son of Joseph Harrison Dooley Sr. and Mary Jane Cole Dooley.

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Oumuamua, Comet From Beyond The Solar System, Changes Trajectory On Its Own

By Robert Bordelon

After the Green Bank Telescope focused on a mysterious object passing through the solar system known as Oumuamua on December 13, 2017, the National Aeronautics and Space Administrator (NASA) aimed the in-orbit Hubble Space Telescope on the strange guest in the solar system. Initially believed to be an asteroid, the object surprised the international team of scientists when it suddenly gained speed and shifted its trajectory, without being influenced by gravity in the solar system.

What is Oumuamua? According to Ron Maddalena, a scientist with Green Bank Telescope, Oumuamua is the first object from outside of the solar system to be examined this close.

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Former Alderson FPC Captain Pleads Guilty To Six Indictments

By Robert Bordelon

Former Alderson prison captain Jerrod Grimes has plead guilty to six of the 13 indictments against him in U.S. District Court in relation to his former position on Tuesday, June 26.
Author's Note: This story contains graphic imagery.

Grimes was a former Federal Bureau of Prisons captain for the Alderson Federal Prison Camp, was the subject of investigation by a Federal Bureau of Prisons agent in late 2017. During the investigation, Inmate #1, as the criminal complaint calls one of many accusers found, told the agent Grimes engaged in sexual activity with her while she was under his custodial authority.

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Greenbrier County Commission Resolves To Join Opioid Lawsuit

By Robert Bordelon

Greenbrier County plans to join counties and states across the country in bringing a lawsuit against both drug manufacturers and distributors for failure to report or halt suspicious orders, funneling millions of pills into West Virginia and Greenbrier County.

Attorney Ed Hill approached the Greenbrier County Commission during its regular Tuesday, June 27, meeting to outline the lawsuit, the lack of up-front costs to the county, and the consortium of six different law firms taking the reins in the fight against what Hill called "Fortune 1,500," rather than Fortune 500, sized companies.

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Fourth Of July March Looks To Reduce Stigma Of Addiction In Greenbrier County, Beyond

By Robert Bordelon

"Addiction is an equal-opportunity affliction – affecting people without regard to their economic circumstance, their education, their race, their geography, their IQ, or any other factor. Probably a confluence of factors – a potent but unknowable combination of nature and nurture – may or may not lead to addiction," said author David Sheff in his novel "Beautiful Boy."

Despite the twisted equality of opportunity, those afflicted with addiction, both before and during recovery, are often met with a stigma, alienating them from the social society and networks that could help in recovery.

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The Waste Not/Want Not Project Provides Fresh Food For Greenbrier County Seniors

By Ruth Caruthers

There is now an option in Greenbrier County for farmers, business owners, and hobby gardeners to give excess fruit and vegetables to those in need, and it's called gleaning. 

The Waste Not/Want Not project features gleaning from every corner of Greenbrier County to create a "sustainable model of food sharing that improves access to local produce for seniors and low-income families."

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