McGuire, Former Funeral Director, Sentenced To 13 Months And Fined

By Robert Bordelon

Sentencing for Joel McGuire took place Tuesday, January 9, in the Southern District Court of West Virginia, a branch of the United States District Court.

McGuire was the funeral director and co-owner of Broyles-McGuire Funeral Home, LLC, located in Union, and also worked as an agent for Homesteaders Life Company, which offered insurance policies that provided funding for funeral services upon an individual's death. According to the indictment, McGuire allegedly falsely reported the deaths of individuals who had previously purchased Homesteaders Life insurance policies through him. Homesteaders Life authorized payouts to Broyles-McGuire Funeral Home for the reported deaths for over $75,000.

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MLK Celebration To Have Speeches, Art, Performance by Community Choir, And More

By Ruth Caruthers

On January 15, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration in Lewisburg will start at 11 AM with a march from the Greenbrier County Courthouse to the Lewisburg United Methodist Church via Washington Street.

At the church, the march will be followed by a complimentary lunch and a 12:30 PM commemoration of the words and works of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It will be a dedication of our will to the proposition that his dream can come true despite the recent setbacks.

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Eshenaur Makes Presentation As WVSOM Presidential Candidate

By Robert Bordelon

Hosted in the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine's Student Center, Steven Eshenaur took the stage to present himself and his vision of the future of WVSOM if he were to be selected its future president.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to return to WVSOM," said Eshenaur. "This is my roots, and it would be a pleasure to return to the community that so embraced me when I came here in 1992 and, looking forward, I'd like to see more growth in the relationship between WVSOM and the greater Greenbrier community. They're entwined, partners, and it's important that we remain partners and strengthen that partnership over the years."

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Public Comment For Green Bank Observatory Possible Future Closes

By Robert Bordelon

Today is the last day of the Nation Science Foundation public comment period on its decision on the continued funding of the Green Bank Observatory (GBO).

The NSF laid out its decision to "substantially reduce" its funding contribution to the GBO earlier this year, releasing a paper laying out the observatory's possible options going forward.


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District 9 Of The Department Of Highways Fights The Frozen Roads

By Robert Bordelon

Trucks with the Division of Highways District 9 took to the roads to prepare for a winter ice storm predicted for Monday, December 8.

"Anytime there's a storm predicted we try to get out ahead of it," said District Engineer Steven Cole with District 9.

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Extremely Cold Temperatures Hinder Water Flow For Lewisburg And Rupert

By Theresa Flerx

Extremely frigid temperature are causing several municipalities to experience water flow issues.

Rupert is currently under a boil water advisory until further notice. On Sunday, January 7, a mainline broke on Anjean Road. That line has since been repaired allowing normal flow except to locations in the higher elevations, which may see lower pressure.

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