Lewisburg City Charter Revisions Progress During Working Session

By Robert Bordelon

City officials in Lewisburg gathered once again to comb through the foundational document establishing the city, aiming to amend its charter in order to create a system with the best chance of sustainability, attempting to more appropriately distribute the powers of each office and position within the city government and to better clarify lines of separation between each office, position, and employee.

"We're not creating a new charter, we're amending the charter," explained Tim Stranco, the attorney assisting the city in the amendments. "... Lewisburg is proud of its historic charter. You have one unlike any other in the state from the Virginia House of Burgesses. We're not doing away with that charter, we're amending it. ... We looked at cities we know are succeeding in certain areas and looked at how their charters worked and pulled those together."

 Read more in the Thursday, May 24, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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