Tree Sitters In Monroe County Fight Back Against MVP

By Robert Bordelon

One anonymous man now stands in the path of Mountain Valley Pipeline's (MVP) efforts to blast through the mountain and install a natural gas pipeline on Peters Mountain.

Many in Greenbrier and Monroe counties are familiar with ongoing work on MVP, with questions about the pipeline being presented to candidates for County Commission, House of Delegates, and the state Senate in the recent candidate forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. But a few individuals have taken an additional step past questioning government leaders to stop work on the pipeline; over the course of the last 60 days, several individuals have taken up residence in the trees on public lands MVP plan to install pipe. Staying in the trees through March and April, dealing with freezing temperatures and winds blowing across Peters Mountain, they have remained in place.

Read more in the Friday, April 27, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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