Judge Issues Consent Judgement, The Greenbrier And Old White Charities To Pay Over $650,000

By Robert Bordelon

A United States District Court judge has issued an order on behalf of Special Event Service and Rental Inc. (SESR) to collect money owed from The Greenbrier Hotel Corporation and Old White Charities.

In March, a consent judgment, or an order issued by a judge based on an agreement between the parties involved in a lawsuit, ruled The Greenbrier Hotel Corporation and Old White Charities are both fully responsible for paying SESR the full amount owed, $622,980.90. In addition, both prejudgement and postjudgement interest, at a rate of $85.33 daily, are to be paid to SESR. Prejudgement interest totaled $40,105.10.

Read more in the Thursday, April 5, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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