Keene's Family, State Police Still Seeking Answers To Disappearance Four Years Ago

By Robin Zimmerman

Missing now for four years, the family of Dee Ann Keene is no closer to answers than they were on March 5, 2014, when Keene was first reported missing.

Keene was last seen on February 28, 2014, in Renick, WV, at the home of Ronald Ray McMillion, a then-cast member on the telveision show Appalachian Outlaws. Witnesses who reported being at McMillion's home with Keene the evening she disappeared told police McMillion was "drinking or using drugs" and "acting crazy," so they left, but said they couldn't concince Keene to leave with them. The witnesses further reported that McMillion fired a pistol toward Keene's head that was "Close enough for Dee Ann's hair to blow."

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