Governor Writes Letter To Public Employees

By Governor Jim Justice

A little over one year ago I was sworn in as your Governor. At that time, our State was bankrupt for all practical purposes. A $500 million deficit, growing to nearly $772 million in the following years, and nowhere to turn was exactly where we were. You had to have little hope. All of us had to fell this way. The biggest gift I delivered to all  of you across our State was a solution, a plan, a dream, and it worked. Today, we are on our way. I hope!

I promised you to always do one thing - tell the truth. Now let's reflect: I have always stood rock solid for education. I think education should be our cetnerpiece. In the darkest time, the Senate supported my two percent pay riase and at crunch tim eht eHouse Democrats were not supportive. I went to the mat for this but it failed. Now we have an election year and many, many of those that opposed are now running through the streets yelling for more to get your votes. PLEASE.

Read more in the Wednesday, February 21, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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