Veterans Upward Bound Brings New Opportunities To Veterans, Offers Beginners Computer Course

By Robert Bordelon

Aiming to help veterans make the most of their educational benefits, Veterans Upward Bound is a program providing training. They specialize in matching veterans to the programs that best fit their needs and fully esxplaining the veterans' benefits. In January, Veterans Upward Bound will offer a beginners computer course, teaching basic skills, from start up to internet functions and paper writing.

"It makes a better future for their families," explained Curtis Pauley, an academic advisor for Veterans Upward Bound. "It's not just for the veterans, it's for the families of the veterans. We had one man that, when he came into our offices, he was reading on a fourth grade level. Thorough tutoring and being there for him, he ended up getting an associate degree. His son was having trouble in school, and he and his son would sit at the dining room table and do their homework at the same time. So the son started picking up on it and saying, 'Well, if Dad, at 45 years old, thinks it's important enough to go back to school, maybe there's something there I should be doing.' That's the point, to make a better life for the veterans and their families.

Read more in the Friday, December 1, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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