Army Medic Lee Johnson Shares Story Of His Service, Heroics In Korea

By Robert Bordelon
Lee Johnson, PFC, Army medic, recipient of a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, Christian, father, grandfather, and native of Greenbrier County keeps several paintings in his living room, but two stand out to anyone who enters.
On the right is a painting of Johnson's service in the Korean conflict, though Johnson attests that anyone who calls it that "wasn't there." On the left hangs a painting depicting people going down one of two paths. The left side is an easy hiking trail, while the right side is an hike up a mountain, a cross-shaped hole allowing the people through. Johnson pulled out an ultraviolet light and shined it on the mostly empty sky. Jesus and heaven appear over the mountains, while flames sprout over the easy path. Even at a young age, Johnson was a pious man and continues to be. He takes a seat in his living room, ready to tell the story of the day "God spared my life in 1953."

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