Governor Justice Holds Press Conference After Yes Vote

By Robert Bordelon 

After hitting voting stations across the state on Saturday, October 7, the citizens of West Virginia decided to allow Governor Jim Justice to sell general obligation bonds up to $1.6 billion in order to fund road projects. Called Roads to Prosperity, the West Virginia constitutional amendment won by a large margin of the vote; 72.82 percent of West Virginians voted in favor of the bond.

"Finally, West Virginia has tasted winning," said Justice during his press conference on Monday, October 9. "On my trip down [to the press conference] today, and I love this, I pulled right up behind a state road truck, and the guy is just sitting there [on the truck]; cone, cone, cone, dropping the cones out. I love it. He's dropping the cones out, and he isn't dropping the cones out for work to begin next summer. He's dropping cones out for work to begin now. The people have given us the opportunity now for us to drop a lot of cones."

Read more in the Tuesday, October 10, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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