NASCAR's Joey Logano Dives Into Greenbrier Bunker, Explores Falconry

By Robert Bordelon

NASCAR racer Joey Logano visited The Greenbrier on Wednesday, October 4. Logano, Martinsville speedway President Clay Campbell, and members of Logano's team were able to tour the underground bunker and spend some time with birds of prey in the falconry.

"[This is] a little bit of time off, which is nice, to come visit the beautiful Greenbrier up here in West Virginia," said Logano. "I really didn't know anyting about it before; I got the bunker tour ... and some falconry. I had never really heard of any of that either, so for a city-slicker to come up here, it was really neat to see. ... That's why you don't say no to things; you never know what you're going to walk into."

For more read the Thursday, October 5, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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