2018 Ronceverte Arrest Timeline Clarified

By Bobby Bordelon

Two different 2018 arrests of the same individual clarify the timeline of an ongoing investigation of Ronceverte Police Chief J.R. Byer Jr. in the 2018 arrest of Gavin Alderman. Byer is currently on paid administrative leave from his position.

Alderman was involved in two separate cases, sets of charges, and arrests on April 18, 2018, one by the Ronceverte Police Department and one by the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department.

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Ronceverte Police Chief Byer On Administrative Leave

By Bobby Bordelon

Ronceverte Police Chief J.R. Byer Jr. has been placed on administrative leave after a news report released a video of Byer apparently striking a man in custody, as the suspect was lying on the ground

The investigation comes in response to a news report from Haley Brown of WVVA. According to the report, the suspect, identified as Gavin Alderman, is handcuffed in the Ronceverte Police Station. Byer and Assistant Chief E.D. Vaught are also identified. Alderman briefly struggles and falls to the ground. Byer then approaches from across the room and appears to kick the suspect in the face. A timestamp on the video states this occurred on April 18, 2018.

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'Improperly Handled' Ambulance Funds Spark Lawsuit

By Bobby Bordelon

A class action suit has been filed against the Monroe County Commission alleging funds collected from the special ambulance fund were improperly managed and asking the court to "issue immediate injunctive relief, declare [the commission] has improperly imposed fees..., and award damages in an amount sufficient to compensate ... residential unit owners in Monroe County."

In December 2016, Union Rescue's Board of Directors voted to merge with the Greenbrier Emergency Ambulance Service (GEAS). GEAS then received all of Union's ambulances and equipment and shut down operations in Union, claiming there were not enough calls to generate the revenue to pay for staffing the Union station. Because of this, there was hesitation among residents to contract ambulance services out to another company, asking for the county itself to establish an ambulance authority. Then-commissioner Shane Ashley explained that the county does not have the cash flow, the equipment, the personnel, or the ability to get a loan to acquire what the county would need to set up an ambulance authority.

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Ronceverte Considers Water Rate Increase

By Bobby Bordelon

Water rates in Ronceverte were considered, new city representatives were sworn in, a moment of silence was held for Keith Morgan, and the success of the River Festival was addressed in the Ronceverte City Council's Monday, July 1, meeting.

A recently passed increase in Lewisburg's water rates pushed Ronceverte to reconsider water rates. Lewisburg, as well as several other cities in Greenbrier County, are currently upgrading and updating water infrastructure in order to reduce unaccounted for water leaking out of the system. Ronceverte receives its water from Lewisburg, requiring the city to reconsider rates.

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Final Defendant In Ronceverte Robbery, Conspiracy Case Pleads Guilty

By Bobby Bordelon

A plea hearing in the Greenbrier County Circuit Court on Thursday, June 27, brings an end to a case involving four defendants, each indicted on conspiracy and robbery. Each defendant was offered and took a guilty plea from the Greenbrier County Prosecutors Office.

The case began in January 2018, when Trooper M.T. Bynum was dispatched to Morgan Hollow Road in Ronceverte, in response to a reported armed robbery.

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The GEHS All-School Reunion Has Begun

By Bobby Bordelon

Alumni of Greenbrier East High School's 50 year history are returning to Greenbrier County over the coming weekend. The Greenbrier East All-School Reunion and events surrounding it span several days, beginning on Thursday, June 27.

The Thursday events include the Alumni Basketball game at 7 p.m. in the Greenbrier East Gym and a Golf Challenge at the Elks Country Club at 9 a.m.

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