Governor Jim Justice Announces Bills, Positions, And Executive Action Adjustments

A bill allowing for oil and gas development on lands where the majority, rather than all, of landowners consented passed the West Virginia legislature and was signed by Governor Jim Justice on Friday, March 9.

House Bill 4268 would permit oil and gas development to occur in cases where there are seven or more royalty owners and at least 75 percent of the undivided interest owners of the oil and gas consent to to development. The bill "shall apply to all lands located in this state, however owned," with a few exceptions.

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Daylight Saving Time History And Facts, Not Observed Worldwide

By Ruth Caruthers

Daylight Saving (not savings) Time begins Sunday, March 11, and it is the time of year where clocks "spring ahead" one hour.

The idea behind Daylight Saving is to "save" daylight. By turning clocks forward and back, it is thought to encourage people to make more use out of daylight hours.

Read more in the Friday, March 9, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

State Superintendent Illustrates Options For Schools To Make Up Missed Days

By Robert Bordelon

State Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine has given the authority to individual counties to decide how school districts will make up instructional days lost during the school shut down.

In a press conference on Thursday, March 8, Paine laid out the relevant laws and possible schedules to making up instructional days and confirmed that graduation dates in a revised school year would not change from the current schedule.

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Senator Baldwin Brings Attention To Controversial Education Bills

By Robert Bordelon

The day after Governor Jim Justice called a press conference with national news to sign a bill giving state employees and teachers a 5 percent raise, the Senate Education Committee brought two controversial education bills back into consideration.

In a post to social media, State Senator Steven Baldwin called out the Senate Education Committee for adding House Bill 4407, concerning alternative teaching certifications, to the Wednesday, March 7, agenda and reintroducing House Bill 4006, which would eliminate the Department of Education in the Arts.

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Mildred Rutledge Shares Stories Of 100 Year Life

By Ruth Caruthers

Mildred Rutledge turned 100 years old on Wednesday, March 7, and she still remembers the first and last names of people in her life from 90 years ago.

Rutledge was born in Charleston in number 3 Outs Court, on a cul-de-sac on Charleston's west side.

Read more in the the Thursday, March 8 edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

Mattel Creates A Katherine Coleman Johnson Barbie Doll

By Theresa Flerx

Recognizing the amazing Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, who made major contributions to the science that allowed men to venture into space, and more importantly allowed them to return home, seems to have become a growing trend - and rightfully so.

Recently, Mattel recognized her long line of accomplishments by adding the Katherine Johnson BarbieĀ® to The Inspiring Women SeriesTM for her mathematical achievements in the early NASA space program.

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