Potential Changes To Greenbrier County Wrecker Policy Proposed

By Bobby Bordelon

Potential changes to the Greenbrier County wrecker calling policy and an acknowledgment that the policy is not perfectly adhered to by county parties brought Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Mike Honaker to the Greenbrier County Commission on Tuesday, April 9.

According to the state code, the county must establish a towing policy that provides "most prompt, fair, equitable and effective response to requests or dispatches for emergency towing services." Although the county has previously established a towing policy, these new guidelines would seek to further improve fairness in call distribution. For example, one proposal would divide up calls into two groups, roughly based on cost to the wrecker. This would prevent multiple low-profit calls coming to wreckers several times in a row, such as a car that has run out of gas.

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GCHA Partners To Create Healthier Communities

By Theresa Flerx

"Many health disparities West Virginia communities face are compounded by perceived and real social isolation, disconnect from resources, and not feeling valued," proclaimed the Greenbrier County Health Alliance (GCHA), and during an April 3 Community Engagement Exhibit, the group explained how to overcome these issues.

The event allowed people to "explore how partnerships create trust, strategies promote engagement, and collaborations build capacity for Community-based, patient-centered research."

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McClung Threatens Legal Action Over GVAA Seat

By Bobby Bordelon

Potential litigation between county commissioners seems to be on the horizon in the Greenbrier County Commission after its Tuesday, April 9, meeting saw more debate on the commission's seat on the Greenbrier Valley Airport Authority.

In the final March meeting of the County Commission, a majority vote passed a motion to remove Commissioner Mike McClung from the Greenbrier Valley Airport Authority and appoint Commissioner Tammy Schiflett-Tincher to the board.

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Race Matters, Parents Address Student Safety

By Leah Tuckwiller

The Greenbrier County Board of Education heard speakers on serious student issues at the Tuesday, April 9, regular meeting.

In a presentation by Race Matters in Education, Loretta Young and Anessa Sherrod presented the board with a pressing issue faced by families of color in Greenbrier County: in schools, there is continued usage of racial slurs toward students, paired with more, harsher discipline and higher rates of out-of-school suspension.

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White Sulphur Springs Passes New Comprehensive Plan

By Bobby Bordelon

The White Sulphur Springs Comprehensive Plan was passed by City Council after a quiet public hearing on Monday, April 8.

A comprehensive plan is a "blueprint for the future development" of a city, devised from hearings, open houses, and surveys from residents and stakeholders. Some of these initial steps to the plan's creation were taken in November 2017 by capturing residents' thoughts on various aspects of residential life during a public meeting in City Hall. Since that meeting and subsequent public comment, the city synthesized the comprehensive plan.

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'Sound The Alarm, Save A Life' Begins

By Theresa Flerx

According to a survey conducted for the American Red Cross (ARC), "most Americans, or 62 percent, think they have at least five minutes to escape a burning home, when actually they have as little as two minutes."

Since October 2014, ARC has been providing families with an early warning system - a simple smoke detector - to increase the odds that everyone escapes a home unharmed in the event a spark ignites.

Read more in the Monday, April 8, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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