Greenbrier County Commission Gives Updates, TIF Comments

By Bobby Bordelon

The Greenbrier County Commission gathered on Tuesday, February 26, conducting a short meeting of announcements, and heard public comment in support of The Greenbrier Sporting Club's TIF projects.

Before the commission took up new business items, one budget revision received extra attention; the 2018-2019 budget year jail bill for Greenbrier County. The commission approved a $270,000 increase to the jail bill, with Greenbrier County Clerk Robin Loudermilk explaining an approximate $20,000 monthly increase in the bill. Commission President Lowell Rose explained the increase.

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Heavy Rain Causes Sinkholes, Road Embankment Slides In Limestone

By Leah Tuckwiller

After several days of heavy rainfall, the area has finally begun to see some sun again, with temperatures yesterday climbing to the 60s and only a breeze blowing to remind locals of the high winds of earlier this week. However, the rain has once again shown its bad side to residents of the Greenbrier Valley.

In addition to the landslide on Route 60's westbound lane just past Harts Run, Route 63 in Ronceverte is also showing some damage. A crack formed in the road following the last storm on Monday or Tuesday. The Division of Highways calls such issues "roadway embankment failures," when land near roadways begins to slide away. In this case, the slide is due to the heavy rainfall early this week.

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Thomas Dunbar Pleads Guilty To 2018 Murder Of Shaela Lynn McCoy Abren

By Bobby Bordelon

The case against Thomas Dunbar for the murder of Shaela Lynn McCoy Abren was resolved on Monday, February 25, with his guilty plea.

The case began in early 2018, when members of the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office, the Greenbrier County Drugs and Violent Crimes Task Force, and the West Virginia State Police responded to an empty house on Anthony Road near Route 92. Abren's body was found inside the residence and sent to the medical examiner's office.

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Governor Recommended Clean Pay Riase Bill Fails To Pass The Senate

By Bobby Bordelon

During the debate on the now-defeated omnibus education reform bill, SB451, Governor Jim Justice called on the legislature to pass what he called the "clean" pay raise bill, House Bill 2730. On Saturday, February 23, the state Senate rejected the immediate consideration of the pay raise bill.

HB 2730 "provides an average 5 percent pay raise to state police, teachers and school service workers," according to the House of Delegate's summary, and includes specific pay scale guidelines, including an every other year pay increase for members of the West Virginia State Police and a minimum teacher's salary set for $43,000.

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Greenbrier County Recycle Center Forms Partnership With Other Solid Waste Authorities

By Bobby Bordelon

The Greenbrier County Solid Waste Authority's Recycling Center, facing increasing market pressures, has joined forces with other solid waste authorities to help keep an entire industry working in hard times.

The recent reduction in demand from the Chinese market for recycling material sales has resulted in waste authorities throughout southern West Virginia looking for ways to build more financial security, ranging from equipment sharing to material sales to each other, building bigger final sales orders.

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The Greenbrier Sues For Flood Damages

By Bobby Bordelon

The Greenbrier and several related companies have opened a lawsuit against a number of insurance providers and companies the hotel hired to acquire insurance in order to "to fully and finally resolve all claims and to receive compensation for the significant losses incurred" as a result of the flood of 2016.

According to a press release issued by The Greenbrier, the suit was opened on February 15, seeking funds to fix damages to The Greenbrier Sporting Club, the Oakhurst development, The Greenbrier golf course, the famous Old White TPC Course, the Oakhurst Course, and loss of revenue from the cancellation of the 2016 Greenbrier Classic PGA TOUR tournament, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of damages.

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