Veterans Seek DAV Volunteer Drivers

By Bobby Bordelon

Veterans unable to get to medical appointments are currently looking for volunteers, drivers, and help from West Virginians able to donate time. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Transportation Network is a congressionally-chartered charity created in 1987. In West Virginia however, the volunteer transportation network only recently began operations. As a result, the organization is looking for dedicated volunteers to help veterans get to the medical help they need a deserve.

"I've been a disabled veteran for about eight years now," explained local veteran Dan Schmidt. "I live in the town of Union, I moved closer to my daughter. I couldn't find transportation to my appointments. From that point, that meant I wouldn't see my physician, I wasn't getting my medications for the Parkinson's that I suffer from. ... I have to see the physician two, sometimes three times a month. But at times, I can't get there for three months and I can't find transportation."

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Alderson Hears Project, Census Update

By Leah Tuckwiller

Alderson Town COuncil held regular meeting on Thursday, August 8 with Recorder Betty Thomas conducting the meeting in place of Mayor Travis Copenhaver.

Though it seemed for a brief time that a quorum would not be established, the meeting oly lacked Copenhaver and COuncilman Tod Hanger and moved forward as normal.

Read more in the Friday, August 9, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

Applications For 2016 Flood Hazard Mitigation Project Move Forward

By Bobby Bordelon

Those hoping for the West Virginia Flood Hazard Mitigation program to provide much-needed funds to many victims of the flood of 2016 have a new reason to hope for relief; the residential mitigation projects are currently under consideration by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), after waiting for two years behind infrastructure and commercial projects on a state priority list.

"The infrastructure projects were the initial priority and with all the media assistance ... to get the word out to the public, [and because of] public pressure and flood committee pressure, they changed the priorities to housing," said Paula Brown, deputy director of Greenbrier County Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency.

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Pedestrians Struck In Downtown Lewisburg

By Bobbby Bordelon

Four pedestrians were hit by a vehicle in a downtown Lewisburg accident just after noon on Wednesday, August 7.

According to Lewisburg Fire Chief Joe Thomas, the pedestrians and the driver were both transported to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center to treat minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt.

Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center Project Supported By Several Cities, Organizations

By Bobby Bordelon

Ronceverte, on Monday, August 5, became the fourth city to declare its support for the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center, which seeks to establish a home base for water-based recreation, training, and more.

The aquatic center plans for more than a single community pool; the building would have three different pools, classrooms, party rooms, terraces, and more.

Read more in the Wednesday, August 7, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

Ronceverte City Council Advances Water Projects, Resolves Not To Pay Hypothetical Ransom, And Allows Bucket Drives

By Bobby Bordelon

Amid a golden hour thunderstorm, Ronceverte City Council aprroved ordinances relating to the upcoming water projects, united against a potential IT attack, proclaimed support for the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center, received an update on the 2020 census, and approved bucket drives on Monday, August 5.

A series of ordinances concerning financing for ongoing water infrastructure were passed by City Council, allowing the project to move forward.

Read more in the Tuesday, August 6, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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