Midterm Election Day Finally Arrives

By Bobby Bordelon

Election Day has arrived, giving elected representatives across West Virginia and the entire country a rigorous performance review. The Secretary of State's office has released tools to help voters cast their ballot and preliminary numbers for those who have already cast an early or absentee ballot.

On Monday, November 5, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner released early voting totals for the state, broken down county by county, party by party.

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Training Helps Teachesr Instruct All Students

By Bobby Bordelon

Greenbrier County teachers participated in two trainings on Thursday, November 1. While the active shooter drill looked to show teachers how to react if under attack, another training took a preventative aim at an atmosphere that could foster resentment in the first place.

Although the goal of teachers and schools throughout the county is to teach every student, variety in perspectives from both students and teachers could place accidental boundaries between the two, boundaries that might inhibit the kind of environment in which students can freely make mistakes, learn, and think critically. A major goal of Thursday's training was to provide rough outlines for the boundaries and make them easier for teachers to find and remove.

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Early Voting Totals Show Great Turnout, Voting Tools Available

By Leah Tuckwiller

West Virgiia is among 17 states that have surpassed early voting totals from the 2014 midterm election, according to data collected by the United States Election Project, a clearinghouse of voter turnout information, and published by The Washington Post. In 2014, voter turnout nationally was at a record low for midterm elections since 1942, with 36.4 percent of registered voters getting to the polls that year.

A high percentage of early voting is likely a good sign about voter turnout at the polls on November 6, but it's important to note that early voting makes no guarantees about who will vote on Election Day, how people are voting, or which party or candidate is in the lead.Reported early voting totals account only for how voters are registered.

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Monroe County Controls Potential Threat, Greenbrier County Prepares With Active Shooter Training

By Bobby Bordelon

As Greenbrier County brought together teachers and first responders in order to train to handle a potential active shooter, law enforcement and school officials responded to a threat against James Monroe High School on Thursday, November 1.

Monroe County Schools made the public aware of a threat to the school that was dealt with by law enforcement before it was able to escalate.

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Beth Walker Named Chief Justice Despite Articles Of Impeachment

By Bobby Bordelon

One of the justices recently impeached by the House of Delegates will soon be the chief justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court; after an administrative conference, the court decided by acclamation that Justice Elizabeth "Beth" Walker will become the chief justice on January 1, 2019.

On August 14, the House of Delegates passed Articles of Impeachment and House Resolution 203, recommending the removal from office, reprimand, and censure of Walker, Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry II, Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis, and Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman. Included in the articles are the allegations against Walker, who is mentioned by name once in the document alongside the other justices.

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Safe Routes To School Takes Shape In Lewisburg, Other DOT Projects

By Bobby Bordelon

Construction on a recreational trail connecting Lewisburg Elementary School (LES) and the Greenbrier County Public Library has officially begun, right on schedule with Lewisburg grant writer Doug Hylton's projected timeline.

The trail received funding through Safe Routes To School, a program with the Department of Transportation looking to provide safe walking pathways to school-going children. The complete trail is split up into two different $100,000 projects, one running from the library to the Confederate Cemetery, then the next running from the cemetery to LES.

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