America In Bloom Judges Arrive In Lewisburg

By Bobby Bordelon

On Monday, July 15, Lewisburg In Bloom committee members and volunteers cleaned the streets ahead of the American In Bloom judges' visit.

"What participating in this program does for us is [allowing] us to come together as a community to show our pride in Lewisburg, to take care of Lewisburg, and really make it shine," explained Recorder Shannon Beatty during the July 16 City Council meeting. "We all know how special it is, but it allows us to show everyone else that pride."

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Bostic Finises Sentence, Awaits Hearing For Charges

By Bobby Bordelon

A man who plead guilty to sexual assault of a minor was released from Anthony Correctional Center and placed on supervised release as of Wednesday, July 17. Andrew Bostic, 20, however, was also placed on bond as a result of a February indictment of sexual assault in the second degree for an alleged incident unrelated to the previous conviction.

Overseen by Circuit Court Judge Robert Richardson in Greenbrier County, Bostic plead guilty in June 2018 to two counts of sexual assault in the third degree against a 12-year-old girl in Rainelle.

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Mayor White Takes The Reins Of Lewisburg City Council, Hears Race Matters Presentation

By Bobby Bordelon

The first regular meeting of Lewisburg City Council under Mayor Beverly White was held Tuesday, July 16. Council heard a presentation from Race Matters in Education, heard of fires and more from the Lewisburg Fire Department, received updates on the cases of two downtown shootings, and considered grants, resolutions, and ordinances.

Loretta Young and Scott Miller of Race Matters in Education brought a presentation to City Council concerning situations in Greenbrier County schools.

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Regular Meeting At GVA Headed By New Chairperson, Deborah Philips

By Leah Tuckwiller

The Greenbrier Valley Airport Authority met for a regular meeting Tuesday, July 16, under its new chairperson, Deborah Philips.

Philips called the meeting to order and opened with public comment from Greenbrier County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Executive Director Kara Dense and Greenbrier County Commissioner Lowell Rose.

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Ronceverte Approves Water Rate Increase

By Bobby Bordelon

A quick meeting of the Ronceverte City Council saw water rates raised on Monday, July 15.

In February, council increased water rates in order to finance major repairs to water infrastructure throughout the city, including lines replacement, hydrants, water tanks, and more. However, a rate increased passed in Lewisburg's water rates pushed Ronceverte to consider water rates a second time. Lewisburg, Ronceverte, and several other cities in Greenbrier County, are currently upgrading and updating water infrastructure in order to reduce unaccounted for water leaking out of the system. Ronceverte receives its water from Lewisburg, requiring the city to reconsider rates.

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Greenbrier Independent, Predecessor Of WV Daily News, Covers The Greenbrier Ghost

By Bobby Bordelon

In 1897, The Greenbrier Independent reported on the murder of Zona Shue and the subsequent investigation of her husband emerging from an accusation made from beyond the grave.

The story of Shue, known to most now as the Greenbrier Ghost, has been told by many, including in "The Greenbrier Ghost and other Strange Stories" by Dennis Dietz and a recent interpretation by Comedy Central's "Drunk History," but the original reporting by the Greenbrier Independent, as The West Virginia Daily News used to be known, was key to telling the story.

Read more in the Monday, July 15, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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