Families, Friends, Anyone Affected By Addiction Focus Of New Support Group

By Bobby Bordelon

At a recent event in WVSOM, one of the speakers suggested that if a person thinks addiction has not affected their family, then they don't know their family well enough. The family, friends, and those struggling with addiction in Greenbrier County now have a place to go to talk through their experiences – a support group hosted by the Greenbrier County Day Report Center.

Stigma and labels can prevent those in the beginning throes of addiction from seeking recovery, prevent those in power from providing resources for those looking for help before the drugs overwhelm them, and create a layer of social isolation around those afflicted. This isolation hurts not only those with addiction, but also the people who care about them, leading them to struggle alone.

Read more in the Wednesday, February 5, 2020, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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