Legal Announcements In The Paper Keep Readers Updates On Government Action

By Bobby Bordelon

Looking into the legal announcements listed in the classified sections of The West Virginia Daily News can often serve as both a preview and review of the paper's front page coverage, including actions taken by local government.

These announcements give notice when government entities intend to take action and on what, such as public reading of ordinances. For example, on page five of today's West Virginia Daily News, the second reading of an ordinance was formally announced.

In the December meeting of Ronceverte City Council, the first reading of an ordinance updating the Ronceverte Municipal Code was approved, updating Chapters Three and Five. The ordinance reflects changes made to the West Virginia State Code as enacted by the legislature.

"Most of this falls under state regulations, federal regulations, the International Building Code that we follow," explained Mayor David Smith. "A few changes we had to make that are municipal changes – State Code says a judge can send somebody to jail for 60 days, municipality can't do that, we have to put 30 days. We also brought some of the property maintenance code in under nuisance ordinances so we can have a little more control when there are issues."

In the legal announcement, the exact Municipal Code sections under consideration are listed and an address is provided for the public to contact City Council before the meeting with comments about the ordinance. The announcement also lists the time of the public hearing - 7 p.m. on January 6, 2020, at Ronceverte City Hall.

To stay more informed, keep an eye on the legal announcements section of each day's classified section of The West Virginia Daily News.


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