White, Smith, Copenhaver, Baldwin, Bowling Win Mayorships, Unofficial Totals

By Bobby Bordelon

Unofficial ballot totals from across Greenbrier County's municipal elections are coming in, giving residents an idea of what their local governments could look like once the elections are finalized.

In Lewisburg, the Citizen's Party swept the ballot, with mayor-elect Beverly White, and previous councilmember for 16 years, receiving 65 percent of the vote. Current Councilmember Arron Seems was reelected to his seat on council for another two years, filling out the term he was first appointed to fill after a vacancy in 2018. Sarah Elkins and Eddie Johns each won four-year seats, taking over White's former seat and the seat of current councilmember Joseph Lutz. Current Mayor John Manchester chose not to run for reelection and will be retiring from his position as city administrator later this year.

In Alderson, current Mayor Travis Copenhaver was reelected by a wide margin, receiving over 65 percent of the vote. The Peoples Party of Alderson is expected to hold power on City Council, with Charlie Lobban, Ann Eskins, Becky Keadle, Tod Hanger Jr., and Doris Kasley each receiving over 150 votes.

In Rainelle, write-in mayor candidate Jason Smith received 140 votes over Doris Vandall's 102, winning by a wide margin. Bill Bell is expected to take the recorder seat. On City Council, John Wyatt, Monica Smathers Venable, Danny Milam, Martha Livesay, and Ron Fleshman each received over 100 votes and are the preliminary winners. Current Mayor Andy Pendleton did not run for reelection.

In Rupert, the preliminary nature of the current totals should be noted, as 34 provisional ballots cast nearly equal the total number of registered ballots. In the unofficial totals, Stephen W. Baldwin took in 36 votes over Butch Kessler's 3. Barbara Nickell, running unopposed, received 34 votes. Each of the council candidates, including JD Cales, Donald Keech, David Mcafee, Jeffery Morrison, and Brandy Riffle, are each expected to serve on council.

In White Sulphur Springs, those currently in office each ran for the same office unopposed, resulting in a familiar city government; Mayor Bruce Bowling, Recorder Kathy Glover, and Councilmembers Audrey Van Buren, Mary Collins, Mark Gillespie, Chris Hanna, and GP Parker will all continue to hold their offices and seats.

The unofficial total counts are as follows:

Town of Alderson
• Roger Bennett (88)
• Travis L. Copenhaver (169)
• Judy Hoover (82)
• Betty Thomas (174)
City Council
• Charlie Lobban (186)
• Ann Eskins (183)
• Becky Keadle (164)
• E. Sterling "Tod" Hanger Jr. (152)
• Doris Kasley (151)
• Richard (Rick) Parker (110)
• T. (Travis) Barkley (88)
• Bobby Hoover (78)
• Ernest N. Wiley Jr. (66)
• Austin Nichols (65)

City of Lewisburg
• Beverly White (562)
• Mark W. Carver (302)
Council (Four-Year Term)
• Sarah Elkins (511)
• Martha Hilton (345)
• Edward "Eddie" Johns (516)
• Tom Shannon (299)
Council (Two-Year Term)
• Arron Seams (553)
• Joe Taylor (305)

Town of Rainelle
• Write-In Candidate Jason Smith (140)
• Doris Vandall (102)
• Bill Bell (150)
• Robin Williams (95)
• Ron Fleshman (111)
• Gary Harris (106)
• Martha Livesay (139)
• Danny Milam (145)
• Jimmy Matheney (77)
• David Spitzer (98)
• Monica Smathers Venable (135)
• John Wyatt (137)
•Write-In Candidate Bryant Day (3)

Town of Rupert
• Stephen W. Baldwin (36)
• Butch Kessler (3)
• Barbara Nickell (34)
• JD Cales (31)
• Donald Keech (31)
• David Mcafee (29)
• Jeffery Theodore Morrison (33)
• Brandy Riffle (27)
In addition, a total of 34 provisional ballots will be considered after election day, nearly the total of registered voters in the election.

City of White Sulphur Springs
• Bruce Bowling (67)
• Kathy L. Glover (65)
City Council
• Audrey Burns Van Buren (62)
• Mary Buskirk Collins (64)
• Mark D. Gillespie (62)
• Chris Hanna (60)
• George "GP" Parker (63)


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