Polls Open For Two Greenbrier County Municipalities

By Bobby Bordelon

It's election day for two municipalities in Greenbrier County! Both Quinwood and Ronceverte will open the ballot box to determine who will be leading their communities.

In addition to city councilmembers and recorder, Ronceverte residents will vote on the renewal of two infrastructure levies.

Town of Quinwood
• Brenda Sizemore

• Cassandra Childers

• Melanie Bevins
• Julie Cooper
• Sarah Holliday
• Andrea Legg
• Glen Walton

City of Ronceverte

• Deena M. Pack

City Council (Four-Year Term)
• Adam Rosin
• Scott Lee Vogelsong
• Gail White

City Council (Two-Year Unexpired Term)
• Kathy King

Ronceverte residents will also consider the renewal of two levies funding infrastructure in the city.

Special Cemetery Levy
• Two cents on Class I property
• Four cents on Class II property
• Eight cents on Class IV property

Special Street Levy
• Four and a quarter cents on Class I property
• Eight and a half cents on Class II property
• Seventeen cents on Class IV property


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