Candidates Seek Local Leadership Roles

By Bobby Bordelon 

Local municipal elections are fast approaching in the beginning of June, where residents of each town and city will consider who will lead their communities.

For anyone looking to find out who is on their local ticket, see the following list of the candidates, offices, and, when applicable, the local party the candidate is affiliated with.

Town of Alderson
June 11
• Roger Bennett of Citizens Party
• Travis L. Copenhaver of Peoples Party
• Judy Hoover of Citizens Party
• Betty Thomas of Peoples Party
City Council
• T. (Travis) Barkley of Citizens Party
• Ann Eskins of Peoples Party
• E. Sterling "Tod" Hanger Jr. of Peoples Party
• Bobby Hoover of Citizens Party
• Doris Kasley of Peoples Party
• Becky Keadle of Peoples Party
• Charlie Lobban of Peoples Party
• Austin Nichols of Citizens Party
• Richard (Rick) Parker of Citizens Party
• Ernest N. Wiley Jr. of Citizens Party
City of Lewisburg
June 11
• Mark W. Carver of People's Party
• Beverly White of Citizen's Party
Council (Four-Year Term)
• Sarah Elkins of Citizen's Party
• Martha Hilton of People's Party
• Edward "Eddie" Johns of Citizen's Party
• Tom Shannon of People's Party
Council (Two-Year Term)
• Arron Seams of Citizen's Party
• Joe Taylor of People's Party
Town of Quinwood
June 4
• Brenda Sizemore
• Cassandra Childers
• Melanie Bevins
• Julie Cooper
• Sarah Holliday
• Andrea Legg
• Glen Walton
Town of Rainelle
June 11
• Doris Vandall
• Bill Bell
• Robin Williams
• Ron Fleshman
• Gary Harris
• Martha Livesay
• Danny Milam
• Jimmy Matheney
• David Spitzer
• Monica Smathers Venable
• John Wyatt
City of Ronceverte
June 4
• Deena M. Pack
City Council (Four-Year Term)
• Adam Rosin
• Scott Lee Vogelsong
• Gail White
City Council (Two-Year Unexpired Term)
• Kathy King
In addition to representatives, Ronceverte residents will also consider the renewal of two levies funding infrastructure in the city.
Special Cemetery Levy
• Two cents on Class I property
• Four cents on Class II property
• Eight cents on Class IV property
Special Street Levy
• Four and a quarter cents on Class I property
• Eight and a half cents on Class II property
• 17 cents on Class IV property
Town of Rupert
June 11
• Stephen W. Baldwin of Citizens Party
• Butch Kessler of Peoples Party
• Barbara Nickell of Citizens Party
• JD Cales of Citizens Party
• Donald Keech of Citizens Party
• David Mcafee of Citizens Party
• Jeffery Theodore Morrison of Citizens Party
• Brandy Riffle of Citizens Party
City of White Sulphur Springs
June 11
• Bruce Bowling
• Kathy L. Glover
City Council
• Audrey Burns Van Buren
• Mark Buskirk Collins
• Mark D. Gillespie
• Chris Hanna
• Geroge "GP" Parker


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