Much-Appreciated Items Delivered To The Greenbrier Humane Society

By Theresa Flerx

Way to go Greenbrier Valley! It took three vehicles to haul all of the goodies collected in The West Virginia Daily News office to the Greenbrier Humane Society on Tuesday afternoon.

Cleaning supplies, kitty litter, pet carriers, treats, different varieties of cat and dog food, and so many other animal care products were quickly unloaded into the puppy room of the shelter by several volunteers.

Staff of both The West Virginia Daily News and Greenbrier Humane Society extend a heartfelt thanks to the following contributors for their generousity:

Linda Walls, anonymous donor in memory of Otis Miles, Beverly Pauley, Emil Staus, Julie Byrd, Gloria Martin, Alice Cook, Steve Crawford, anonymous donor in memory of Juanita Counts, Judy Smallwood, Peggy Boggs, Susan Smead, Beverly Johnson, Vivian Longanacre, Hazel Hayes, Ed and Joan Norman, Judith Shellnutt, Surley Runyon, Joetta Jim Lemons, Brenda J. Smith, Lucie Refsland, Julie Ford, Judith Huber, Joan Ahern, Donna Critzen, Frankie Appel, Ray Saylor, Barbara Tuckwiller, Sharon Stevenson, Mahala Garrett, Diann Hayes, Patti Smithson, Guy Wolfe, Teresa Lewis, Ann N., Susan Linton, A. Tatakis, Mary Smith, Judy Steele, Bobbi Huffman, Karen F., Concetta Peterson, Jenny Counts, Mary L. Swepston, Margy Bruns, Sylvia Keaton, Danny Keatley, Jane B. Morgan, Quinn and Stella Greene, Ronda Harper, Curtis and Connie Bryant, Sue McKinney, Linsey McCracken, Cathy Hoke,
Julia Zimmerman, Jacqueline Meadows, Kim Walkey, Diana, Donna, Ireta and Bee Johnson, Susie Minturn, Robert C. Byrd Clinic, anonymous donor in memory of Virginia Slayton, Trish Morgan, Karen Lemons, Juanita Thomas and several other anonymous donors.

Read more in the Wednesday, May 9, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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