Potential Changes To Greenbrier County Wrecker Policy Proposed

By Bobby Bordelon

Potential changes to the Greenbrier County wrecker calling policy and an acknowledgment that the policy is not perfectly adhered to by county parties brought Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Mike Honaker to the Greenbrier County Commission on Tuesday, April 9.

According to the state code, the county must establish a towing policy that provides "most prompt, fair, equitable and effective response to requests or dispatches for emergency towing services." Although the county has previously established a towing policy, these new guidelines would seek to further improve fairness in call distribution. For example, one proposal would divide up calls into two groups, roughly based on cost to the wrecker. This would prevent multiple low-profit calls coming to wreckers several times in a row, such as a car that has run out of gas.

Read more in the Thursday, April 11, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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