SB 238 Approved In Senate, Would Increase Penalties For Vehicles Passing School Buses

By Bobby Bordelon

A bill introduced by State Senator Stephen Baldwin that would raise penalties against drivers passing stopped school buses was approved by the Senate on Monday, February 25.

"We call this 'Haven's Law,' in honor of Haven McCarthy, who died getting off a school bus in Lincoln County in 2007," said Baldwin in a press release shortly after it was passed. "We owe it to children and their families to keep our little ones safe. ... After an incident in Indiana this fall involving the death of three children exiting a school bus, local drivers approached me. They said people pass their stopped buses every day, endangering kids. They said we're lucky more children aren't injured or killed, and we must do something about it. Today, we are doing something about it."

Read more in the Friday, March 1, 2019, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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