Diesel Spill Settlement Approved

By Bobby Bordelon

A final settlement for a class action lawsuit involving a 2015 diesel spill was approved by Greenbrier County Circuit Court Judge Robert Richardson on Monday, February 4.

The class action lawsuit was brought against Woodford Transportation, Woodford Oil Company, and Kenneth Pritt, a truck driver, on behalf of residents and businesses served by the Lewisburg Municipal Water System, who lost water service after a diesel spill contaminated sections of Anthony Creek in January 2015. Pritt was allegedly involved in an accident on Route 92, approximately 12 miles north of White Sulphur Springs in January 2015. The accident separated the diesel tank from the truck, which then fell into a tributary of Anthony Creek and began to leak. The leak dumped approximately 3,795 gallons of fuel into Anthony Creek, then flowing into the Greenbrier River, causing the city of Lewisburg to shut down its water intake valve for the city's water treatment plants. Water resources were depleted by the afternoon of the following day, leaving sections of the community without water.

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