Aquatic Center Is Making Headway

By Leah Tuckwiller

The minds behind the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center held their second public meeting at Greenbrier Valley Theatre last night, January 7. The center's first public meeting was held in May 2018, and while the students who did the initial work on the project have gone on to college, the aquatic center has come beyond the planning phase under Tag Galyean and Tom Greenstreet, John Wilson, and Jan Hall.

In May, the initial development cost for the Greenbrier Valley Aquatic Center was estimated to be $5.7 million, which, as per the first meeting, included building cost, pools and pool equipment costs, site prep, estimated utilities, and a contingency fee. Since then, predevelopment expense, a training and start up budget, and a fund to cover three months of operating expenses has been added to that cost, brings the total up to around $6 million.

Read more in the Tuesday, January 8, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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