Take A Moment To Reflect On 2018 - A Year Of News In Review

By Theresa Flerx, Bobby Bordelon, and Leah Tuckwiller

Interspersed with court proceedings, community events, political happenings, police activity, and local governmental business, the theme for 2018 appears to be "fight the power."

In the past year, local residents fought against a proposed biomass plant; teachers went on strike on behalf of all public employees; Communication Workers of America walked out; protesters blocked construction of sections of MVP; Greenbrier County governments filed suit against drug distributors; homeowners won a preliminary settlement against a trucking company; chicken enthusiasts objected to a city ordinance; and eight prisoners attempted to escape incarceration.

Despite strife, effort was made on many levels to improve Greenbrier and Monroe counties - proposed aquatic and community centers; new visitors centers; construction began on a Sportsplex; newly-elected community and state representatives and officials; interagency cooperation was urged; and schools came together to ensure student safety.

Covering these events were Bobby Bordelon, Leah Tuckwiller, Ruth Caruthers, Robin Zimmerman and Theresa Flerx. Look forward to continuing coverage in 2019.

Read more in the Monday, December 31, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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