Midterms See 47 Percent Of West Virginians Turn Out To Vote For New Amendments, Representatives

By Bobby Bordelon

The preliminary results of the 2018 midterm elections have been released by West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner. Vote counts are listed below with the winning candidate or position listed first and marked with an asterisk.

U.S. Senator

* Joseph Manchin III – 288,808

Patrick Morrisey – 269,872

Rusty Hollen – 24,231


U.S. House of Representatives, Third Congressional District
* Carol Miller – 98,048
Richard Ojeda II – 75,776
Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court, Division 1
* Tim Armstead - 130,175
Joanna I. Tabit - 111,274
Chris Wilkes - 65,788
Mark Hunt - 60,301
Ronald H. Hatfield, Jr. - 39,068
Jeff C. Woods - 24,224
Hiram 'Buck' Lewis, IV – 20,217
Robert H Carlton - 18,062
Harry C. 'Bo' Bruner, Jr. - 17,906
D.C. Offutt, Jr. - 14,144
Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court, Division 2
* Evan Jenkins - 181,225
Dennise Renee Smith - 69,959
Jeffrey Kessler - 59,848
Jim Douglas - 47,230
Robert J Frank - 29,665
William Stewart Thompson - 29,404
Jim O'Brien - 28,706
Brenden D. Long - 20,348
Marty 'Redshoes' Sheehan - 18,557
William Schwartz – 18,090
State Senate, 10th District
* Stephen Baldwin - 17,392
George Boogie Ambler - 15,315
House Of Delegates (Two)
* Jeff Campbell - 6,383
* Cindy Lavender-Bowe - 5,746
Denny R. Canterbury - 5,564
Steve Malcomb – 4,501
Amendment No. 1: No Constitutional Right to Abortion Amendment
* For - 295,536
Against - 275,748
Amendment No. 2: Judicial Budget Oversight Amendment
* For - 386,272
Against – 147,594
Greenbrier County Commissioner
* Tammy Shifflett Tincher – 8,111
Greenbrier County Sheriff
* Bruce Sloan - 8,999
Mark Robinson - 2,905
Monroe County Commissioner
* Kevin A Mann - 3,091
Shane Ashley - 1,786
Monroe County Sheriff
* Kenneth Hedrick - 2,575
Elmer Galford - 2,301
Write-In - 9
Monroe County 2018 Fire Levy
* For – 2,860
Against – 2,010
Warner issued a press release after the election, stating that midterm turnout was much higher this year than in the past:
Based on the unofficial results reported by the counties, voter turnout for this midterm election was unofficially more than 47 percent.
Six counties started Election Day with power outages in fourteen of the state's 1,740 voting precincts. However, the Secretary of State's Office and county clerks planned ahead and supplied generators to most precincts before the polls opened, and shortly thereafter in the rest. Secretary Warner would personally like to thank the Department of Homeland Security, WV National Guard, the Fusion Center, local 911 emergency services, Appalachian Power, First Energy, AEP, the county clerks and several generous citizens that all chipped in to help restore power to those critical areas.
Beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Election Day, Warner's office set up a command center at the State Capitol. On hand were representatives from the state's Office of Technology, WV National Guard and voting machine manufacturer, all ready to address threats to every aspect of the election.
In addition, the Secretary of State's Investigation Division organized a 30-member election team positioned throughout the state that visited all 55 counties. The election team provided county clerks and poll workers with any assistance that was needed and was able to assist with emergencies and reports of impropriety.
In addition to the higher midterm election than years past, this election put West Virginia in the history books for being the first state in the nation to deploy a mobile voting application for military personnel and overseas voters. Warner estimates that 144 voters from 30 different countries cast ballots using an application on their approved mobile devices that records the ballots anonymously using blockchain technology. Twenty-four of the state's 55 counties participated in this pilot, and post-election security audits are already being scheduled.
"Overall, I am very pleased with the operation and management of the General Election," Warner said. "The state's clerks and their staff were prepared. Our team at the Capitol was prepared. The candidates, political parties and interest groups succeeded in getting their messages and platforms to the general public. West Virginia had a great midterm election."
A complete list of unofficial election results, including the two constitutional amendments, can be found [by going to sos.wv.gov, then clicking the "Unofficial Election Results" banner]. Official results will be certified following canvass and the recount period. Canvass begins November 13, 2018 in most counties, and the recount period lasts for 48 hours after each county announces their official results.



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