Early Voting Totals Show Great Turnout, Voting Tools Available

By Leah Tuckwiller

West Virgiia is among 17 states that have surpassed early voting totals from the 2014 midterm election, according to data collected by the United States Election Project, a clearinghouse of voter turnout information, and published by The Washington Post. In 2014, voter turnout nationally was at a record low for midterm elections since 1942, with 36.4 percent of registered voters getting to the polls that year.

A high percentage of early voting is likely a good sign about voter turnout at the polls on November 6, but it's important to note that early voting makes no guarantees about who will vote on Election Day, how people are voting, or which party or candidate is in the lead.Reported early voting totals account only for how voters are registered.

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