Meeting To Discuss Possible Airport CVB Goes On Without Greenbrier Valley Airport's Representation

By Robert Bordelon

In the last September meeting of the Greenbrier County Commission, Commissioner Lowell Rose called for a meeting between the Greenbrier County Convention and Visitor's Bureau (GCCVB) and the Airport Authority in an attempt to get the parties to work closer together. The attempt, although finding some positive potential marketing collaborations between the GCCVB and The Greenbrier in the Chicago, would not complete its goal; no current representatives of the Airport Authority were in attendance in the Thursday, October 11, morning meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was for the CVB and Airport Authority to discuss the pros and cons of the Airport's attempt to form another CVB in the county in order to promote and underwrite new flights into the region. When an airport attempts to add a new flight, one method possible is that another organization underwrites the flight, creating a baseline amount of money the airport will be paid for the flights, unaffected by the number of passengers on the flights. The underwriting lasts long enough for the airport to determine whether or not the flight would be profitable once the extra funds are gone; the goal of these programs is to allow the airport to experiment and create new flights without taking a financial burden if a flight fails.

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