CVB, Airport Update Greenbrier County Commission

By Bobby Bordelon

The Greenbrier County Commission saw its first regular meeting composed of all Republican commissioners on Tuesday, September 25, to hear presentations from the Greenbrier Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau (GVCVB) and the Greenbrier Valley Airport.

During the report given by GVCVB Executive Director Kara Dense, GVCVB distributed copies of its 2017/2018 annual report, with detailed data about the tourism industry in the Greenbrier Valley. The average visitor to the area, according to the report, is between ages 40 to 65, married, having graduated from college or graduate school, working in management, business, education, or healthcare, and is coming to the Greenbrier Valley for a vacation or weekend getaway. The largest portion of visitors stay in hotels or motels, 41 percent, followed by The Greenbrier, at 17 percent.

Read more in the Wednesday, September 26, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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