Construction Workforce On Mountain Valley Pipeline Reduced By 50 Percent

By Robert Bordelon

Ongoing construction delays on the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) have pushed the project to "release as much as 50 percent of its construction workforce," according to a press release by MVP.

"Despite the construction activities authorized under the modified work order and the [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)]-approved stabilization plan, MVP was forced to take immediate measures to address an idled workforce and protect the integrity of the project," reads the MVP press release. "MVP is working to mitigate any additional job loss; and we believe we are making progress to receive authorization to resume full construction activities and return the currently released workers back to their jobs. Constructing the Mountain Valley Pipeline in the safest manner possible; minimizing impacts to sensitive species and environmental, cultural, and historic resources; and ensuring the highest levels of environmental protection remain our top priorities. As we continue working closely with the agencies to clarify and resolve the issues related to the stop work order, we appreciate the FERC's responsible review and consideration of the modified work order and look forward to continuing the safe construction of this important infrastructure project."

Read more in the Monday, August 20, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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