Mountain Valley Pipeline Protester Becky Crabtree Reveals Her Perspective

By Robert Bordelon

Before the arrest, obstruction charges, the impoundment of her 1971 Ford Pinto without an engine, news stories about her stand against Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), and calls from reporters asking why, Becky Crabtree prepared for the day in the predawn morning of Tuesday, July 31.

"It was still dark," said Crabtree. "It was surreal. There were lightning bugs, moonlight coming through the trees at the edge of the field. There were three huge oak trees very near where I was, and the wind was blowing branches and the moon was shining through the leaves. It was just about the most beautiful feeling I've ever had. I was at peace. Of course, I hadn't slept that night, I might have been giddy cause I needed sleep."

Read more in the Friday, August 3, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.


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