STOPP Petition Voices Support For New Tax Repeal

By Robert Bordelon

As the Protecting Rational Incentives In Newsprint Trade (PRINT) Act of 2018 works its way through Congress, a coalition of printers, publishers, paper suppliers, and distributors representing 600,000 workers is fighting to repeal new taxes on imported goods, or tariffs, on uncoated groundwood paper.

The coalition based together to form Stop Tariffs on Printers & Publishers (STOPP) is aiming to repeal the tariffs. According to STOPP's website, the tariffs were enacted at the request of the North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), a paper manufacturer in Washington state.
"We have joined together to fight proposed government tariffs on newsprint that have been initiated by petitions filed by a single newsprint mill, NORPAC, an outlier in the industry that is owned by a New York hedge fund, with no additional pulp or paper operations in the United States or globally," reads STOPP's about page. "The proposed tariffs will force our member companies to cut jobs not only at newspapers, commercial printing, and book publishing operations, but throughout the supply chain, such as paper manufacturers, ink suppliers, fuel producers, and equipment manufacturers. Our country's trade laws should not be manipulated by one company in a way that will have a detrimental impact on American jobs throughout our economy."

To sign the petition go to and click "Sign Our Petition" in the top right-hand corner.

Read more in the Monday, July 2, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.



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