Greenbrier County Officials Offer Local Updates On COVID-19 Pandemic

By Bobby Bordelon

April 16, 2020

"The social distancing is working," explained Dr. Caroline Bridgett Morrison with the Greenbrier County Health Department. "We were predicted to have, by this point, 500 deaths in the state of West Virginia. We've had 12 deaths. ... That's awful, but when you look at the big picture of what was predicted, what has been put in place by our governor is working."

Called by County Commission President Lowell Rose, Morrison and other officials provided a local update to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including coverage of health and economic outlook.

In Greenbrier County, there have been six confirmed cases; two cases of out-of-county visitors and four that live or reside in the county.

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Greenbrier County Attorney E. L. Morgan Jr. Charged With Driving Under The Influence Causing Death

By Bobby Bordelon

April 16, 2020

After a crash on Ronceverte Hill and the death of a passenger, local attorney Edwin Lavoyd Morgan Jr. was arrested and charged with driving under the influence causing death. Amelia Winnsby passed on April 3 in the aftermath of the wreck.

According to the criminal complaint, Sergeant C.R. Smith of the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Department was driving north on Route 219 when he ran over a piece of plastic on the roadway. He stopped, looking to remove the plastic, when he saw a wrecked truck over Ronceverte Hill.

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Greenbrier River Trail Great For Social Distancing

By Bobby Bordelon

"You can go out and enjoy the sunshine. Today you can go to the [Greenbrier River] trail in Caldwell, get air, get sunshine. But don't do it in groups. Do it individually, one or two, husband and wife, something like that," said Commission President Lowell Rose in the Tuesday, March 24, meeting of the Greenbrier County Commission.

One local West Virginia Daily News reporter took the suggestion to heart. What follows is a photo album from that wonderful, hours-long walk.

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Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force Meets Wednesday, March 25

The Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force met on Wednesday, March 25, via conference call and reports the following information.

Health Department - As of this morning, there are still no positive tests in Greenbrier County. The delivery of promised PPE did not arrive yesterday as planned. It should arrive today. The first batch of masks from Greenbrier West arrived yesterday.

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Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force Meets Monday, March 23

The Greater Greenbrier COVID-19 Task Force met on Monday, March 23, via conference call and reports the following information.

Health Department - All local COVID-19 tests are still negative. Masks are on the way! A partnership between the Health Department, Greenbrier County Schools, WVSOM, and others will begin making 3D printed masks for local health professionals! (There is a 3D blueprint available for others with 3D printers to use.) They also need surgical gowns and are searching for sources worldwide. Cloth masks are helpful to be worn over N95 masks. If you want to make cloth masks, donations may be dropped off at the Health Department. If you have other supplies like gloves, masks, gowns, etc from businesses that are currently closed, please take them to the Health Department. They will be distributed to health care workers.

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Greenbrier County Commission Meets As Courthouse Closes To The Public, Considers COVID-19, Renovations, Budget, And More

By Bobby Bordelon

The closure of the Greenbrier County Courthouse to the general public, a letter to an architectural firm about the courthouse and a potential new sheriff's office, the upcoming budget, and more were considered by the Greenbrier County Commission on Tuesday, March 24. The meeting, held in the courthouse, was available to watch online on the Greenbrier County Courthouse Facebook Page.

"The courthouse is currently operating," said Commissioner Tammy Shiflett-Tincher. "We have no [in-person] access to the public and all of our offices are available for assistance over the phone and online. ... So if you need assistance, please call the courthouse. We're working with each department to make sure that everyone is safe, particularly to make sure we can service all the citizens of Greenbrier County."

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